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5 Quick Tips on Planning an Intimate Desi Wedding

If you are a couple whose wedding plans have been derailed with the ongoing pandemic, our guide below will help you cover the basics of planning a small-scale wedding. Whether you are getting married right now or in the months to come, check out our top 5 quick tips on how you can put together a wedding that you and your guests will actually enjoy.

1. Involve your family members and friends

We know we know, planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic isn’t really easy. You need some help, and who better than your family and closest friends to help you with one of the biggest days of your life? Chances are that they are more than willing to help, whether it is with doing your hair, setting up the decor or helping your guests feel comfortable.

2. Have plenty of sanitizers (and masks) on standby!

If there was ever a time to be extra cautious, it is right now! Not everyone will be ready to take the safest precautions, so make sure you have enough sanitizers and masks readily available. This way, both you and your guests can enjoy the festivities while taking the right steps!

3. Consider using local vendors for your big day

The pandemic and ensuing events around the world have hit local businesses hard, so why not work with a few local vendors on your big day? Whether it is a makeup artist, the decor, or your favorite South Asian desserts, it’s best to work with local vendors so that they aren’t traveling far to work your wedding. And your support will ensure that local companies and independent creatives are able to stay in business in these tough times.

4. Make sure you invest in a great trousseau

You may have had to downsize your guest list, but you are still very much getting married! Dress the part by creating the outfit of your dreams for each event. Let us style your whole wardrobe for your big day in either of our boutique locations - Los Angeles or Toronto. We offer you the best of heritage South Asian fashion that is high on quality and carries the latest styles - our team would love to work with you! Also, don’t forget to hire a good photographer to capture these amazing memories that will last a lifetime!

5. Remember to enjoy yourself!

No matter what happens, you’re still getting married! Don’t let anything take away from your big day. One of the benefits of having a small wedding is having more time to spend with your family and friends, so make sure you remember to enjoy yourself!



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