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Frontier 5 Magazine

Dear: Future Bride

The purpose of this magazine is to highlight our Top 5 Brides of the year, and to inspire future Brides like you for their big day. We have interviewed five Brides regarding their experience with Frontier Heritage, and asked them to share their vendors, as well as any tips and advice they may have. It's never too early to get started with wedding planning, and we would love for you to start with us.

Happy Planning!

Love, The Frontier Heritage Team



Couple 1: Ritu Gill & Karim Champsi

Couple 2: Melissa & Vivek Mendiratta

Couple 3: Punam & Taj Dhaliwal

Couple 4: Priyanka & Hari Gupta

Couple 5: Monika & Mandip Mistry

Credits: Monika Mistry



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